How to Make a Gallery


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Size 236 × 335 mm | 64 pages + 3 fold-outs + endpapers | hardbinding + cloth spine
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Complex Chinese, German, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Spanish for Europe, Croatian, Uzbek, Vietnamese

This lavishly illustrated book invites young readers to enter the world of museums and galleries. Illustrator David Böhm and writers Ondřej Chrobák, Rostislav Koryčánek and Martin Vaněk present a history of the gallery and show us how works of art are exhibited, all the services a gallery provides and how an exhibition comes into being. Readers will learn about treasures hoarded at Prague Castle by Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, and how an unmade bed and a shark pickled in alcohol can be considered distinctive works of art. And they will find out how a gallery works and about all the people who work in it. After reading this book, children will no longer regard a gallery as a boring, inaccessible space; on the contrary, they will see it as a building where lots of interesting things go on, unexpected encounters take place and fascinating stories are revealed.

How to Make a Gallery has got a Special Mention in the Category Children´s books on art of the 2017 Bologna Ragazzi Award.