How to Do Sports


How to Do Sports

Written by Oldřich Růžička
Illustrated by Kateřina Wagnerová Hikade
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 230 × 260 mm | widespread 460 × 520 mm | 6 spreads with a gatefold and booklets | hardbinding
Sold to:
Complex Chinese, French, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian

Sports give you the option of spending your life in an active, interesting way. They develop one’s body and spirit and anyone who wants to stay healthy should do at least one, even if only for recreation. This book will introduce you to individual sports and help you familiarize yourselves with many sports disciplines.

Perhaps you’ll find one that appeals to you and will start pursuing it. You’ll learn about athletics and gymnastics, what can be done with a round or oval ball, which kinds of sports can be done in winter or water, what it means to do motor sports and what types there are, and last but not least what martial sports, cycling, and other interesting games are. The book will show you where the various types of sport come from and teach you their storied history—all this with large folding maps full of funny illustrations and captivating texts.

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