How Art Is Made


How Art Is Made

Written by Oldřich Růžička
Illustrated by Alexandra Májová Hetmerová
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 230 × 260 mm | widespread 460 × 520 mm | 6 spreads with a gatefold and booklets | hardbinding
Sold to:
Complex Chinese, English, French, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian

Do you know how a theatre performance is made? Do you know how a film is made? Do you know how an animated film is made? Do you know how a concert is made? Do you know how a mega concert is made? Do you know how visual art is made?

You have been to the theatre and the cinema many times, I’m sure. All of us sometimes go to a musical performance, and I doubt there is anyone among us who has never been to a really big concert or art gallery. All these things are such a natural part of our lives that we rarely think to ask how they come about. But do you know how many people and occupations come together in a single theatre performance? Do you know how much work and time are involved in making a feature-length film? Do you know how many creative people work together on one short animated film? Did you know that a two-hour concert requires two whole months of rehearsals and preparations? Have you any idea what needs to be done before an interesting sculpture or painting comes into being? If you lack answers to these questions, do not despair. That’s what this book is here for – to give you the right answers.

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