How Animals Sleep


How Animals Sleep

Written by Petra Bartíková
Illustrated by Katarína Macurová
age 3-5

Book parameters:
size 230 × 270 mm | 28 pages | hardbinding
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Catalan, English, Hungarian, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Turkish

Whether in a burrow, up in a tree, with head hanging down, deep underwater or in flight with one eye open, animals, too, need to sleep to gather strength for the new day.

But the way they sleep is very different from how humans do it, as is the length of time they sleep for. While we spend just eight hours a day snuggled up in bed, and sometimes fewer, some animals sleep for twenty hours at a stretch. Imagine that! The koala, for instance, basically sleeps its life away as it lounges about in the branches; and when it doesn’t happen to be sleeping, it eats. A strange creature, wouldn’t you say? Do animals dream? If you think not, you’re way off the mark. Even ants have dreams!

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