Fire Service: How May We Help?


Fire Service: How May We Help?

Written by Eva Mrázková
Illustrated by Jan Šrámek
age 3-5

Book parameters:
Size 200 x 168 mm | 5 spreads | 5 sound effects | cover with die cut | board book
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Fire! Angered by a mischievous cat called Felix, Ben the dog has gone for him – and knocked over a candle used by little scientist Tom in his chemistry experiment. Tom knows just what to do.

He dials 112, and soon everything is under control. A fire engine arrives at their summerhouse within the next minute. Tom and Ben watch the hustle and bustle. Water shoots from the hoses. Before long, the fire is a thing of the past. And you’ll never guess what – Tom gets a chance to see inside the cab of the fire engine!

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