Fashion HiStory


Book parameters:
Size 215 × 280 mm | 80 pages | endpapers | cover | hardbinding
Sold to:
Lithuanian, Russian, Slovene, Croatian

Are you interested in fashion? Do you know which items of clothing complement each other, and which don’t match at all? Do you observe the latest trends? Then you surely must have noticed that people have been interested in fashion from the dawn of time and many current fads have already appeared one time or the other.

Let’s have a look at how clothes changed in past centuries, how our ancestors invented needles or sewing machines, and mainly how they were able to use them. This generously illustrated guide will introduce you to the history of fashion from prehistoric times to the present. You’ll find when women first started to use make-up, what amazing haircuts were styled during Rococo, that high heels were worn as far back as the ancient Egypt, when pants became a part of women’s wardrobes, and that skirts were originally favored by men. Let’s not forget the first miniskirts, and how ordinary work pants turned into a hit – jeans.

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