Famous Animals and Pets of the Famous


Famous Animals and Pets of the Famous

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Size 230 x 330 mm | 96 pages | hardbinding
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Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese

"Mom, please, please, let's get a dog or a cat!" there is most probably no parent across the globe who may have never had to face a similar wish of their kids. But don’t be confused, not only just do children long for a living pet, but also outstanding artists, great rulers of ancient empires or warlords throughout the whole history of human kind have always wanted to have their own little animal that they would love. No matter whether it‘s ordinary or exotic.

But animals are not just cute silent faces to cuddle, they can also bravely save people’s lives during war conflicts or in critical situations. Do you not believe? There are about 45 stories introducing glorious, valiant and brave animals as well as the darlings of famous celebrities in this publication that will surely convince you. There are texts full of interesting information completed with illustrations from well-known Czech and Slovak artists.

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