Hobbies and Pleasures of the Famous


Hobbies and Pleasures of the Famous

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Size 230 x 330 mm | 96 pages | hardbinding
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What did Albert Einstein or Marie Antoinette do for fun? In addition to thirty-three stories about the hobbies and pastimes of thirty-three famous individuals, this publication contains thirty-three impressive full-page illustrations by Czech and Slovak illustrators, some well known, some just starting out.

There’s nothing quite like a hobby to help us forget our worries. Favourite free-time activities do people the world of good – famous, brilliant people as well as the rest of us. Anyone who doubts this should take a look at this book. It is filled with celebrated, highly respected figures, and it introduces us in an engaging way to their hobbies, interests and leisure activities – from the most ordinary to the truly eccentric.

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