City for Everyone

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City for Everyone

Written by Osamu Okamura
Illustrated by David Böhm, Jiří Franta
age 12+

Book parameters:
Size 210 x 260 mm | 80 pages | swiss flexo binding
Sold to:
German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese

A manual for the beginning urbanist.

The city is a fascinating human invention that is now home to most people on our planet. How should we understand all the city’s complexities and fragilities? This manual for beginning urbanists shows how the great anthill of humanity works and what opportunities it grants; it also discusses problems faced by cities today. Urban planning is a game of strategy that teaches us how to live in a shared space in an attitude of respect for others. By getting involved, young people can have a say about their future. The authors have created a huge paper model of a city, while the book’s illustrations and colour photographs capture unique details of everyday life.

The book City for Everyone is a proud holder of the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2021 (category NEW HORIZONS) and the DAM Architectural Book Award 2022, and the 2020 Most Beautiful Czech Books (3rd place, Textbooks and Didactic Books), and 2021 Golden Ribbon Award (Art Section: The Best Artistic Work).