Written by Magda N. Garguláková
Illustrated by Jakub Bachorík
age 9-12

Book parameters:
size 240 x 310 mm, 64 pages, hardcover
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Complex Chinese, Czech, English, German, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese

Large, small, old-time, modern, ordinary, world-changing. The bridge. An ingenious invention that shortens journeys, saves on effort and provides great views. Some straddle a deep valley, some a raging river, some a busy road, some a vast stretch of sea. People have been building bridges since a tree first fell across a river.

  • Why do we need bridges?
  • How have they changed through history?
  • Which are the most famous?
  • Which are the strangest?
  • How is a bridge built?

We’ll answer these questions and many more. Everything you need to know about bridges in one book!