All about the Feather


All about the Feather

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Size 215 x 280 mm | 64 pages | pocket with a folding poster | hardbinding
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French, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese

A feather lies under a tree. Who could it belong to? Blow on it and watch it float up to the sky, as light as… well, a feather!

Feathers are as diverse as the birds that wear them to suit their habitat. So the lovely eider of the North has warm feathers, the white-throated dipper greasy ones, a penguin on the ice plains feathers that won’t freeze. Many birds make a feather bed in their nests to lay their fragile eggs on; the feathers of some males make them more beautiful for the attracting of a bride. See how the peacock struts? The hoopoe shows off its crest, while the brambling has got itself a new wedding dress! Learn about the most interesting species in the bird kingdom and their feathers – on a large-format poster too!

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