A World Atlas of Ghosts and Friends


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size 230 x 330 mm | 88 pages | hardbinding
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French, Latvian, Italian

Learn about the ghosts and friends of all continents, and overcome your fear!

It looks like a dinosaur, but it’s got two extra heads. Whoever falls into her clutches must serve at her palace. In the evenings, they dance around cocoa beans and boil up a pot of super-thick cocoa. Who are they? That’s right: the three-headed dragon, the ice queen and the cocoa pygmies … Allow us to introduce you to the world’s strangest creatures! There have always been ghosts and friends, and we can be sure that there always will be. Would you like to know what they look like in Europe, Asia and other continents? Then read A World Atlas of Ghosts and Friends. From the seven maps in this book, you’ll discover which creatures are dangerous and which are as meek as lambs. You’ll also learn what to expect from them and, if you happen to run into them, how to defend yourself.