Building Bridges: Our Journey at the Bologna Book Fair 2023

The Bologna Book Fair, renowned as a global hub for the publishing industry, once again took center stage in 2023. As representatives of our publishing house, we had the pleasure of attending this prestigious event and were overwhelmed by the success, connections, and inspirations that awaited us.

At the heart of the Bologna Book Fair lies the opportunity to meet fellow industry professionals face-to-face, fostering connections that transcend digital interactions. As we entered the bustling halls filled with exhibitors and editors, we were reminded of the immense value of personal connections. Meeting new faces and reconnecting with familiar ones created a vibrant atmosphere, igniting a sense of camaraderie among like-minded individuals with shared passions. These interactions served as a catalyst for collaboration, future partnerships, and the exchange of ideas.

Also, the opportunity to discuss industry trends, share experiences, and exchange insights with peers was invaluable. Through these conversations, we gained a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of publishing, discovered new approaches to storytelling, and explored fresh avenues for collaboration.

The connections we forged, the inspiration we gleaned, and the feedback we received have invigorated us to reach new heights. As we reflect on our time at the fair, we look forward to implementing the lessons learned, nurturing our existing partnerships, and embarking on new and exciting ventures in the ever-evolving world of publishing.

We presented our new titles in our two catalogues – Non-fiction catalogue and Modern Picture Book catalogue. And we are already preparing new titles for the FRANKFURTER BUCHMESSE (18-20 November, 2023). We can’t wait to see you again!