Tip & Top on the Moon


Tip & Top on the Moon

Written by Vojtěch Kubašta
Illustrated by Vojtěch Kubašta
age 3-5

Book parameters:
size 256 x 256 mm | case cover | 6 spreads | pop-up on each spread
Sold to:
Simplified Chinese

What’s it like on the Moon?

Ask Tip and Top, two boys who always find their way and figure out what to do. So when they meet a surprised robot and he asks who they are, they reply: “Who are we? Why, we’re astronauts of course!” Moments later, they and the robot are flying to the Moon in a rocket. Why not join them? This pop-up book by celebrated Czech artist Vojtěch Kubašta may be several decades old, but its charm for boys, girls and their parents is timeless.