Written by Michal Šanda
Illustrated by David Dolenský
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 200 x 200 mm | 24 pages | hardbinding
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English, French

This unusual comic book recounts a true story that happened on a small island just off the coast of New Zealand in 1894. The tragicomic hero of the tale is a cat named Tibbles, who belonged to the keeper of the island’s lighthouse.

Tibbles discovers a rare species of previously undescribed flightless bird – the Stephens Island wren, and simultaneously becomes the cause of its demise, thereby inadvertently contributing to global awareness of the danger of domesticating non-native animal species on other continents.

2021 Muriel Award – Best Comics for Children
2022 Bologna Ragazzi Award – The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf