Seeing Wolves

seeing wolves_pics_bigseeing wolves_flat_doubleside_01seeing wolves_flat_doubleside_02

Written by Richard Pecha
Illustrated by Babeta Ondrová
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 202 x 233 mm | 50 pages | hardbinding

Do you know, why dragons prefer princesses? And who the heck is Vráťa Brabenec?

The little girl Berta is afraid to sleep alone in her own bed. Although she is brave enough to try it, even knowing the darkness is full of several ghosts and witches. And wolves, of course. The only escape is to fight her fear and turn into a little wolf as well. Join the adventures of Berta in the magical world of dreamland, where everything can happen. Follow her on the wolf´s way and you will find out how she overcame her fear of sleeping alone. And where she met Dalai Lama. And who the heck is Vráťa Brabenec.

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