Written by Martina Špinková
Illustrated by Martina Špinková
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 210 x 220 mm | 48 pages | hardbinding

Mystery. Often we don’t even notice that mysteries are part of our lives. Only when they fly away do we realize that they were here at all.

Who thought us up? Where does the wind begin? What does a baby in its mother’s belly know about us? Do ants know we are walking above them? Does a robot have a soul? Why do we wrap presents? What is inside the earth we walk on?

A mystery can be solved, but a secret might not be something we can solve. Perhaps it’s enough just to get close to one. This book shows that secrets are a part of our lives, things we need to know about and cherish. It talks about nice secrets, those which are good to keep to oneself until it’s the right time to confide. And it also helps give children the courage to talk about those secrets which are hard to bear, those it’s better to talk to someone about. This book invites children and the adults close to them to talk about these things and search for an understanding of them together. The unconventional typographic arrangement of the book also plays on the notion of secrets, further enhancing the theme.