Let Me Tell You Something, Johan


Let Me Tell You Something, Johan

Written by Klára Pondělíčková
Illustrated by Andrea Tachezy
age 3-5

Book parameters:
size 160 x 160 mm | 52 pages | hardbinding
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Simplified Chinese

We all know that teddy bears can be a child’s best friend. But few would imagine they could be the friends of a taciturn grandfather who likes to read about the universe. Both Grandpa and Johan the Teddy contemplate infinity (the infinity of the universe, and of an infinite drop of honey).

Klára Pondělíčková’s book in a bathroom tile-sized format is accompanied by pastel illustrations and collages by Andrey Tachezy. Thanks to the collages, the bees, birds, bears and planets seem to step out of the book. Cuttings from maps, and from simple squared or lined paper are cleverly used, for example, as parquet floors and also in places where you would not expect them. Klára and the bear Johan take it in turns telling the story. The bears in the book are running about the book shelves, the grandfather says nothing, and the grandmother, on the other hand, speaks too much. And the biggest concern for the teddy bear Johan is that he might get caught in the rain on the way to school and get totally drenched. The short sentences in this book, easy for little ones to read, also delight older readers with their poetic simplicity.