In the Wood with Little Red Riding Hood


In the Wood with Little Red Riding Hood

Book parameters:
Size 220 × 220 mm | 6 spreads | hardbinding
Sold to:
French, Spanish

One day, Little Red Riding Hood sets out from home to visit Granny. She must pass through a deep wood all alone. Although she encounters a wolf, she also encounters many other things that make a wood a wood, such as mushrooms, trees, animals and sweet things to eat.

She finds things from the wood in Granny’s cosy cottage, too. Quite simply, nature is present everywhere, and it is very important. Would you like to join Little Red Riding Hood as she learns about all the things we find in a wood? Then pick up the cake in a basket, put on some comfortable shoes and come along with us. And you’re allowed to leave the path!

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