I, Finis


I, Finis

Written by Václav Dvořák
Illustrated by Jakub Cenkl
age 12+

Book parameters:
Size 153 x 220 mm | 280 pages | hardbinding

Boys are disappearing from Earth. On the day of their eighth birthday, they vanish without a trace, and noone can prevent it. People have lost all hope – they have even stopped asking themselves where and, most importantly, why the boys are being taken. However, twelve-year-old Peter didn’t vanish.

The reason may be his extremely sensitive eyes, which are protected by thick black glasses. These allow him to see in the dark and to witness shadowy wraiths stealing his younger brother away. Peter hatches a crazy plan, and it is because of his unusual eyesight that he is able to find his way to a dark and frightening world inhabited by monsters. What has only been whispered in fearful tones up till now begins to take on a very real form – we are not alone. Who is the all-powerful Enemy, where did he come from, what is he planning and why is he doing all of this? The decisive battle is approaching, and the end of the world as we know it is closer than we could have imagined.