Hurray, I Wear Glasses!


Hurray, I Wear Glasses!

Written by Helena Haraštová
Illustrated by Ana Kobern
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 210 x 250 mm, 32 pages, hardcover
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Bulgarian, Croatian, English, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Simplified Chinese, Slovene, Spanish, Uzbek

This book, aimed at children who wear glasses, follows the story of Kitty and Joe who wear glasses and can see the world in full details. It addresses children's concerns about glasses and provides information and reassurance on the benefits of wearing glasses, helping children become proud glasses-wearers.

  • Shows kids that wearing glasses can make them feel special and confident.
  • Features famous people who wore glasses.
  • Explains how eyes and glasses work in a simple way.
  • Contains tips on how to take proper care of eyes as well as glasses and how to pick the right one.