How It’s Done: Design

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How It’s Done: Design

Written by Jiří Pelcl, Silvie Šeborová
Illustrated by Jiří Franta
age 9-12

Book parameters:
Moravská galerie, size 240 x 340 mm, 120 pages, hardcover

Thanks to the designer uncle who is caring for them while their parents are away, two children discover that design is found not only in the bedroom, kitchen and living room, but practically everywhere they look.

They embark on an imaginary journey back in time and a real-life expedition, learning along the way what design is and how designs are made. Children and adults alike will delight in leafing through this pictorial guide through the backstage of design.

  • Design Thinking: Exploring problem-solving aspects of design.
  • Iconic Design Pieces: A must-know for every young designer.
  • Design Through the Ages: Journey into history including a timeline.
  • STEM Facts: Production processes of various materials