Written by Eva Obůrková
Illustrated by Alexandra Májová Hetmerová
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 215 × 280 mm | 9 spreads including cover | 60 flaps | hardbinding
Sold to:
Simplified Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian

A trip to the recent and distant past with a pair of magic binoculars and Agnes the raccoon.

Have you ever wondered about how people used to live? About the first phone, or the ancestor of the alarm-clock, or the toys Grandma had at home, or Great-Great-Great-Grandpa’s barbecue? What did people wear a hundred years ago? And many thousands of years ago? No one has invented a time machine yet – but with us returning to yesteryear is child’s play, because we have some magic binoculars just for you! If you want to learn about a typical things in the garden, kitchen, living room, bathroom children’s room, garage and different sorts of houses, all you have to do is look under one of several dozen flaps inside this book.

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