Written by Tereza Hradilková
Illustrated by Tereza Hradilková
age 3-5

Book parameters:
Size 210 x 210 mm | 6 spreads | pop-up book

It’s early morning, and the fly buzzes and buzzes. Join our confused fly on a little one-day adventure in quest of a pile of warm, fragrant dung to lay her eggs in. But it won’t be altogether easy. Not every pile is the same, you see!

This small pop-up book for very young readers takes us on a real fly adventure. As the book develops, the child reader follows the fly’s course. The first thing they do together is take a lesson in aerial acrobatics. After that, the child turns the book to find the individual occupants of certain piles. There are lots of hidden animals around, too. Evening is approaching and the fly still can’t find its warm, fragrant dung. Will the fly find what it is looking for by nightfall? If it does, prepare for take-off!