Baby Sibling on Board!


Baby Sibling on Board!

Written by Lenka Chytilová
Illustrated by Susanna Rumiz
age 3-5

Book parameters:
Size 200 x 240 mm | 12 spreads | board book
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Italian, Portuguese, Greek

Have you heard the big news? You’re going to have a little sister or brother! What are we going to do with the baby?

Doesn’t it just sleep and cry all the time? When is it going to be born anyway? Don’t worry, everything is new to the hero of this book, too, but luckily he’s got a big sister to answer all his questions. This handbook is not only for children still waiting for their siblings to be born, but also for those who already have a little sister or baby brother. Every time you flip through it, you’ll learn something new while being entertained by the playful illustrations.