Animals in Sport


Animals in Sport

Written by Jana Sedláčková, Helena Haraštová
Illustrated by Marcel Králik
age 6-8

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Size 230 x 280 mm | 88 pages | hardbinding
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Ready, steady, go! Welcome, dear spectators, to an overview of famous as well as truly unusual pet sports.

Flash the Daring Snail is waiting on track number 1, prepared to score first in snail races. Snowdrop the Shy Rabbit is shuffling her feet on track number 2, eager to show you how to do rabbit show jumping. And getting ready on track number 3, BonBon the Donkey will explain who carries whom during a donkey marathon—does a donkey carry a human on their back, or is it the other way around? And don’t miss up on a load of other headstrong, ardent, bored, and quick-to-learn lovelies; ones who’ll tell you, among other things, how to do the elephant slam dunk or how a lazy feline can change cat agility rules. Woofky the Husky will give you a dogsled ride and you’ll run like the wind with Phantom the Black Horse!
Reading tip: in case your neck happens to cramp while you’re reading, join our competitors in each chapter and work out with them.