An Advent Calendar of Fairy Tales

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An Advent Calendar of Fairy Tales

Written by Šárka Krejčová
Illustrated by Tereza Konupčíková
age 3-5

Book parameters:
1 box + 24 booklets + polybag + 2 ribbons | box size 533 x 377 mm (open 533 x 764 mm) | booklet size 100 x 110 mm | each booklet 12 pages
Sold to:
Croatian, Portuguese, Romanian

Twenty-four December evenings till Christmas. Twenty-four fairy tales from around the world for the very young and some a little older… So many wonderful characters, so many princesses and animals, all of them waiting for you!

You will find Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, Snow White and the dwarfs, the Doughnut, Masha and the Three Bears, and the Three Little Pigs. But where? Once you have read all the stories, follow the instructions to thread them together with two ribbons to make your very own book of fairy tales for your bookshelf. And how about breathing new life into this folder by adding things to it? Your own fairy-tale drawings, for instance.