All that Spins & Rolls with or without Wheels


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Size 270 x 380 mm | 48 pages | hardbinding

“And yet it moves!” said Galileo Galilei, stunning everyone! Earth spins, even though it has no wheels. And it’s not the only thing in the world that does so—there are many more… perhaps more than you can think of at the moment. So delve into this book!

Just about anyone knows that scooter or motorcycle wheels spin. Stars and planets? Well, okay, some might know about those too. But did you know that dogs spin while chasing their tails when bored, or that sunflowers turn towards the sun each morning? Even we, people, spin although we have no idea we’re doing it. And can you twirl spaghetti onto a fork or spin a cowboy’s lasso? How about some pizza dough? What else spins and rolls around you?