Adventures of Crime and Punishment


Adventures of Crime and Punishment

Written by Jiří Linhart
Illustrated by Marcel Králik
age 9-12

Book parameters:
size 215 x 280 mm | 48 pages | hardbinding
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Estonian, Vietnamese

A history of how thieves, fraudsters and violent criminals were punished

The guillotine. The word itself has a strange sound. To say nothing of the brief moment with the keen whistle, the last thing the condemned would ever hear… The French guillotine was in use for over 200 years, in the course of which it separated around 100,000 heads from their bodies! Every nation and every time punished its thieves and rogues in a different, imaginative way – as names and slang terms for popular instruments of torture (e.g. Lamentation Mount, rack, Capet’s necktie, drunkard’s cloak, thumbscrew, cat o’ nine tails) go to show. While we’re on the subject of animals, do you know what they were used for thousands of years ago? The history of painful interrogation has plenty of bite!