Forest City


Forest City

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Size 230×260 mm | 32 pages + 1 map 450x517 mm | hardbinding
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Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, Thai

Life in the forest is all hustle and bustle – it’s as though the animals have learned the human art of hurrying. Can you imagine how it would be if things worked in the forest as they do in the city?

The leader of an organized pack of wolves would become mayor, the cream of society would be made up of deer, and the rook would show off his skills as a street entertainer. There would be a pigeon-post service, plus a vibrant night life. So come with us to the Forest City to learn lots about the folk who live here and important facts about each district of the city. And if you happen to get lost, there is nothing to fear – each book contains an easy-to-read map.

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