Pavel Ryška

A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology, Pavel Ryška has a Ph.D. from the Centre for Audio-visual Studies of the Prague TV and Film School (FAMU). He lectures on topics of visual culture, the history of animated film and comics. With Jan Šrámek, he is co-author of the book Pionýři a roboti o československé ilustraci (Pioneers and Robots: On Czechoslovak illustration; Prague ‒ Brno, Paseka ‒ FaVU VUT, 2016). He prepared the exhibition Neprakta 1949‒1970 (on the first twenty years of a ‘company’ that produced humorous drawings) as well as writing the accompanying monograph (Cheb: GAVU, 2016). He is author of the study Karikaturisti o sdružení Polylegran, obrazovém humoru a satiře šedesátých let (Caricaturists of the Polylegran Group: pictorial humour and satire in the 1960s; Prague ‒ Brno, Paseka – FaVU VUT, 2018). Pavel Ryška publishes more results of his research on visual communications in the era of the communist dictatorship on the website