Kateřina Wagnerová Hikade

Kateřina Hikade works as an illustrator, graphic designer and workshop leader. Having graduated in scientific drawing and illustration from the Secondary School of Art and Design in Brno, since 2011 she has been a student at the Studio of Graphic Design 2 of Brno’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Her studies in the Studio of Paper and the Book of the same school were an important source of knowledge for Papíři, her Bachelor’s degree project, which was chosen as one of the best Graduation Projects of 2013. She completed her practical training in illustration, graphic design and book technology with B4U Publishing. She is illustrator of the book Flouk a Líla – dobrodružství z mrakodrapu/Flouk and Lila – Adventures from a Skyscraper (HOST Publishers). She has worked as a graphic designer, artist and leader of a programme in art education at the Bubec Studio of the sculptor Čestmír Suška. She is currently engaged in film education as she helps create an informal programme at the Cinema School of Brno’s Kino Art. Kateřina Hikadová has long-standing interests in illustration, graphic design, and art and film education.