Jan Píšala

A graduate in Nuclear Chemistry from the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague, Jan Píšala has been fascinated by chemistry and astronomy since he was a child. After his studies, he set about popularizing both disciplines at the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, where he currently leads the Programmes Department, which is responsible for the creation of programmes on themes of astronomy for the whole-dome digital planetarium. He is author of a number of books (e.g. on the universe, observing the night sky, nuclear weapons), screenplays and numerous articles for magazines and newspapers; he also gives shows of chemistry experiments. For readers of the Lidové noviny newspaper, he prepared instructions for dozens of chemistry experiments one can perform in the home. Jan Píšala has worked with Czech Television, the publishing houses Computer Press, Aventium, B4U Publishing and Albatros, and the magazines ABC, Příroda, Třetí pól and Tajemství vesmíru.