Misha Bera

My name is Misha Bera. I was born in Russia, Moscow. In 2014 I graduated the university in Moscow and got the PR specialist degree. One year later I decided to do things that I really like. When I was a child I loved drawing. And I was really happy. I remembered about it and concluded to become a children’s book illustrator. I got into the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. In 2019 I got a bachelor’s (BcA.) degree. My favorite subject of illustrations is animals. I use in my artworks not only the digital drawing but also the classic technic. I like the watercolor and acrylic. I have two cats, which always inspires me. I love nature very much and I am interested in ecology. I prefer to travel and visit ZOOs in my spare time. After graduation, I keep living in the Czech Republic, Pilsen. Me and my best friend, we set up a children’s club, where children learn about the art, programming and the robotic. Working with kids help in my artwork.