Kateřina Miler

Kateřina Miler (b. 1960) is an artist and illustrator. She is the elder daughter of Zdeněk Miler. Having graduated from a secondary school for the fine arts, she spent time in Italy and Switzerland, where she focused on graphic arts. She also lived in Spain, where she illustrated a series of school textbooks. She is the author of o Modrém Medvědovi [The Blue Bear], a comic strip for children that was serialized in a magazine for ten years.  She first collaborated with Zdeněk Miler on the books Krtek a paraplíčko [Little Mole and the Umbrella] (1986) and Krtek a medicína [Little Mole and Medicine] (1987), although her name did not appear in them. Zdeněk Miler and Kateřina Miler are credited as co-authors of Krtek a jaro [Little Mole and Spring], Krtek a léto [Little Mole and Summer], Krtek a podzim [Little Mole and Autumn], Krtek a zima [Little Mole and Winter], Krtkův týden [Little Mole’s Week] and Krtek a rybka [Little Mole and Little Fish], the latter of which is the first book to feature a tit called Bluey, Kateřina’s creation.

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