Anna Años Kubecová

Anna „Aňos“ Kubecová (b. 1987) is a freelance illustrator who lives in Prague. She graduated from the Hellich School of Graphics in Prague (VOŠG) with a final work on the topic of the children’s book, having studied Book Design under Professor Milan Erazim. She went straight from school to the DRAWetc. studio, where she worked first as a comics letterer and now works mainly as an illustrator. She has illustrated several coursebooks and workbooks for primary- and pre-school and a number of children’s encyclopaedias. She is a winner of the Comics category of the RAW Art Wrestling competition for illustrators. In the little free time she has, she likes to relax by drawing, working with her hands in the garden and spending time with friends. She has the world’s best husband and collects glass paperweights.