The Story Machine


Book parameters:
size 210 x 260 mm | 140 pages | paperback
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Hungarian, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Complex Chinese, Slovak

The Story Machine opens a door to a magical world where anything is possible. It conjures up encounters with interesting figures in extraordinary situations, so enabling children to push at the boundaries of their imagination.

The book includes a special ‘story generator’, which, while a story is being told, pulls characters, subjects and situations at random from the corners of each page. Not only does this original book hone the reader’s storytelling skills, it helps develop literacy, creativity and the imagination. Abundantly illustrated and great fun, its tasks and games are divided into four levels, from Beginner to Story Machine Master. If you like, you can write, draw and stick things in the book. For readers aged 6–12 years and their parents and grandparents.