Shadow Play


Shadow Play

Written by Helena Haraštová
Illustrated by Serafima Kosikava
age 3-5

Book parameters:
size 220 x 220 mm, 6 spreads, novelty format, fold -out pages with cut-outs
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The sun is shining, it‘s a beautiful day … but what is this strange thing on the ground? It‘s dark, it‘s changing, it‘s got a really unusual shape … Of course, IT‘S A SHADOW! With shadows, you can have a lot of fun, although they keep trying to fool you. Sometimes it‘s easy to tell who or what the shadow belongs to, but other times the play of light and darkness will truly mess with your head. When in doubt, all you have to do is open the page. Many surprises are waiting for you!

  • Enhances imagination, creativity, playfulness and spatial perception.
  • Innovative novelty format: With fold out pages and cut outs.
  • Activity: Guess to whom or to what belongs the shadow or the pattern.

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