Tereza Bulvová Kolářová

Tereza Kolářová has been drawing and painting since she was a child, and this led her to Hellichova High School of Art in Prague, where she studied Graphic arts. At the same school, she continued further studies at the higher degree, in the field of Publishing and Advertising.

After graduation, she decided to continue studying Graphic arts at the University of Pardubice, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology. The follow-up master’s degree in Graphic arts did not offer interesting information from the world of printing for her, so she switched to the field of Materials Engineering for the title of engineer.

With loaded titles and knowledge, s

he established herself in Brno as a technologist in two printer houses. In search of a more creative kind of livelihood, she came across the publishing house B4U, where she got a position as a graphic designer. When her creativity began to fade, she changed her position as a graphic designer to a production position.

At B4U, she fell in love with pop-up books and started creating them. In 2019, she left the company for maternity duties. She is a mother of two wonderful children and on maternity leave she designs for B4U technically complicated titles such as board books and pop-up books.