Where the Beaver Does His Business: What animals leave behind


Written by Markéta Nováková
Illustrated by Hedviga Gutierrez
age 6-8

Book parameters:
size 250 x 250 mm | 36 pages | hardbinding
Sold to:
Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese

Even the stubborn loner bear sometimes feels like dancing. When he does, nearly everyone in the woods knows about it. And just think of all the traces he leaves! Battered pines, firs bent out of shape, bear hair in the tree bark, plus lots of giant footprints.

Every animal leaves various traces – poop pellets, feathers, eggs, nests, you name it… Join us in their woodland homes, the town, the field, the meadow and the garden, even underwater. Not only will you discover where the beaver does his business, you’ll learn lots of other things too – like who makes the best slides in the snow and in the mud.

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