Tell Me More about Food: How It’s Grown, Where It’s From, How It’s Prepared


Written by Iveta Pari
Illustrated by Michaela Bergmannová
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 215 × 280 mm | 48 pages + endpapers + case | hardbinding
Sold to:
Italian, Slovene, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Croatian

Familiar and unfamiliar foods, how and where they are grown, simple recipes for children to try, instructions for the grower, over 240 full-colour illustrations

These days we are able to buy exotic fruit and other food quite commonly, but often we don’t know how and where it was grown. On a tree or a bush? In the ground or underwater?
Sometimes not even a grown-up knows the answers to these questions. The aim of this book is to show children the amazing diversity of what nature gives us.

This book is here not only to inform but to waken children’s curiosity about new tastes, so that they have no fear of buying fruit they have never seen or even heard of before. The book also contains simple recipes for meals and drinks that children can try. There are even instructions on how some foods are grown.

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